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My name is Anastasiya Devochkina, I am an abstract artist based in Tbilisi, Georgia, and a member of International Association of Visual Artists.

I find inspiration in breathtaking Georgian landscapes and explore intricate interplay between nature's grandeur and the complex tapestry of human emotions. I see my art as a bridge between the external world's beauty and the internal landscapes of human soul.


  • The Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK, January 2024;
  • U Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia, September 2023

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"Anastasiya's abstract paintings beautifully capture the delicate balance between the awe-inspiring beauty of nature and emotions that define our human experience. Her paintings are a testament to the power of art to evoke emotions and provoke introspection" - ARTTERMAG

"Experimenting with natural palettes and flowing organic shapes, her art is evoking profound emotions and associations that lie hidden within our subconscious" - ALEXANDER JACKERT, founder of @new_and_abstract online gallery

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